Training FAQs

Thrive 5 Cancer & Exercise Training – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What’s included in the training?

Our evidence-based online training will put you at the forefront of the fitness industry, and includes 9 modules on:

  1. Cancer Prevalence, Biology, and Treatment
  2. Cancer & Exercise
  3. Screening & Assessment
  4. Custom Exercise Prescription for Cancer Survivors
  5. Psychosocial Considerations
  6. Health Behaviour Change
  7. Individual & Class Management Techniques
  8. Knowledge Translation & Your Role in the Community
  9. Case Studies & Research Exemplars

In addition to covering these 9 in-depth modules, you receive a comprehensive 200+ page Cancer & Exercise manual. If you want to learn more, download our Thrive 5 Cancer & Exercise training outline HERE.


How long does the training take to complete?

On average, it takes about 10-13 hours to complete. Each module has a few sections that are 20-40 minutes each. You can work through the training at your own pace. 


How long do I have access to the training?

You will have access to the online modules for one year after purchasing the training. The Cancer & Exercise manual comes as a downloadable PDF document that you can save and reference at any time. 


Does the training count for continuing education credits?

Yes! Many organizations accept continuing education credits for completing the Cancer & Exercise training, including the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) and the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA). We recommend checking with your organization if they are not listed here. 


Will I receive any documentation after completing the training?

Yes! Once you complete the training, the Thrive team will send you a certificate of completion within 5 business days. 


Can I stay connected with other Thrive 5 trainers?

After completing the training, you will have the option of adding your name to our Thrive 5 Trainer network. This list is posted to our website so Thrivers can find you!


Is this training right for me?

The Cancer & Exercise training is for all fitness professionals wanting to expand their skills, and learn more about how to safely and effectively assess and design exercise programs for cancer survivors.