Cancer & Exercise Online Training

Exercise is a powerful tool for ensuring that survivors not only survive, but THRIVE.
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We believe everyone wants to be healthy. We’ll show you where to start.

We specialize in trainings and workshops for health care and fitness professionals as well as for corporate groups. We help you create tailored approaches to health that meet your clients and employees where they are and foster long term positive behaviour change. We focus on evidence-based solutions that optimize wellness, recognizing the ability each person has to feel strong, confident, and healthy.

For Health and Fitness Professionals

For Health + Fitness Professionals

Thrive Health Services provides engaging and empowering trainings for health and fitness professionals.

For Corporations

Thrive Health Services understands how to deliver an empowering health and wellness message for your clients, employees, or colleagues.

Thrive Health Services fills a gap in health care by providing evidence-based, integrative health information in the form of trainings and workshops targeted for health and fitness professionals as well as in corporate settings. Drawing on the deep educational and research backgrounds of the principals, Nicole Culos-Reed and Lauren Capozzi, we teach clients how to be more effective health leaders so they are better able to manage their health challenges, can affect positive health behaviour change in others, and are able to thrive.