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For Survivors: What is Cancer? Building Your Knowledge Foundation as a Thriver

Written by Thrive Team


Many cancer patients tell us that the information they receive about their diagnosis can be overwhelming. All of a sudden, you are faced with a new reality as a cancer patient, and quickly have to learn a new language. 

In Chapter One of the Thriver Manual, we will break down key terms, discuss cancer treatments, and cancer related symptoms and side effects. Here is a sneak peek at what you will learn about the various types of cancer and how they are diagnosed. 

Beyond this, you will learn about the various types of cancer treatment and how each journey is different from the next. Finally, you will finish the chapter by understanding many of the challenges and successes that Thrivers may face on their cancer journey, and how you can find the support you need. Overall, Chapter One serves as a basis for the Thriver Manual. You will finish the chapter wanting to learn more!

To learn more about cancer, its diagnosis and treatment, as well as some successes and possible challenges you may encounter throughout your cancer journey, see Chapter One on pages 4 to 12 of our Thriver Manual, which can be downloaded for FREE, here: 

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