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For Professionals: Cancer-Related Fatigue & Exercise

Written by Thrive Team

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Hot off the press! We just published a NEW module on the role of exercise for cancer-related fatigue. Are you working with individuals with cancer-related fatigue? Have 30-minutes? Then look no further, this module is for you!

Did you know?

Cancer-related fatigue is a significant clinical problem and has historically been under-recognized in comparison to other side effects from cancer treatment1. Exercise can positively impact people experiencing cancer-related fatigue2,3. However, exercise must be tailored to the individual to avoid worsening of symptoms. Let us teach you about these important considerations!

Cancer-related fatigue? How is that different from regular fatigue?

If this a question you’ve asked yourself before, don’t worry – you are not alone! Dr. Rosie Twomey (PhD, Exercise Physiology), will take you through the specific clinical features of cancer-related fatigue, and what makes it different from the fatigue that everyone can experience. The best part? You will have direct access to evidence-based knowledge, getting to the point with the important take-home messages that can help you better understand this most common cancer and treatment-related side effect.

What else will I learn about?

  • Prevalence of cancer-related fatigue
  • Beneficial effects of exercise for cancer-related fatigue
  • How to prescribe and promote safe exercise for cancer-related fatigue

By the end of this module, you will have a better understanding of the evidence-based role for exercise as a management tool for fatigue.

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