Thrive Health Services provides engaging and empowering trainings for health and fitness professionals.

Our cancer and exercise training is comprehensive and evidence-based. Our behaviour change training takes you through the practical strategies that will make an impact on changing health behaviours.

Trainings provide you with a skill set to work more effectively with your clients. As a fitness or health professional, you know the value of exercise – in terms of physical, psychological and social benefits. We can provide you with the specific information, skills, and strategies to truly make a positive impact on your clients.

Thrive Health Services has provided trainings for exercise professionals, including personal trainers (AFLCA, CanFit Pro, CSEP-CPT), exercise physiologists (CSEP-CEP), physiotherapists (LifeMark), City of Calgary Recreation staff, and YMCA staff.

We promise to deliver an engaging, informative and motivating training. You leave with the skills to help you better work with your clients. Please contact us for more details.

Cancer Exercise Training

Cancer Exercise Training for Health & Fitness Professionals

Did you know that cancer is our #1 chronic disease, and is estimated to cost the health care system more than $158 billion dollars per year by 2020? With better treatments providing survivors with many years of survivorship, there is a need to focus on how to enhance quality of life.

A powerful tool for ensuring that survivors not only survive, but THRIVE, is exercise.

Thrive Health Services provides an excellent, comprehensive evidence-based cancer-specific training for fitness professionals, that you can complete on your own time, at your own pace. Delivered by cancer and exercise experts Dr. Culos-Reed (PhD) and Lauren Capozzi (CEP, MD/PhD Student), this training details the evidence behind the role of exercise in cancer survivorship, specific strategies to use with cancer survivors to motivate them to exercise, and considerations to ensure exercise is tailored to the unique needs of this population. This training program will increase health and fitness professionals’ knowledge and credibility when working with cancer survivors. Specifically, trainees will learn how to work safely and effectively with the cancer populations; how to tailor exercise depending on tumour type and treatment; and how to facilitate behaviour change following a cancer diagnosis.

Completion of this training program is worth 24 Professional Development Credits with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP).


Cancer and Exercise: Online Training Program for Health and Fitness Professionals (15 Hours):  $379 (+GST)
Includes a course workbook, an electronic copy of our Cancer and Exercise: Training Manual for Health and Fitness Professionals, and a certificate of completion.


For groups, or for researchers interested in accessing the training as part of a research program, please contact us at for our academic and group pricing lists.

If you’d just like a copy of our Cancer and Exercise: Training Manual for Health and Fitness Professionals, we have two options available:

Dynamic PDF:  $65 (including GST)

Hardcopy: $95 (including GST & Shipping)

Online Training

Increase your knowledge. Gain confidence. Help more people.

Excellent course, knowledgeable, competent speakers, condensed and focused, true passion expressed for treatment of exercise for cancer patients. Keep on going!

Cancer Exercise Training Participant

This was wonderful – everyone was so knowledgeable, enthusiastic and I learned so much!

Cancer Exercise Training Participant

Thank you – course was excellent. Instructors were well prepared and addressed all questions very well.

Cancer Exercise Training Participant

Thrive Health Services fills a gap in health care by providing evidence-based, integrative health information in the form of trainings and workshops targeted for health and fitness professionals as well as in corporate settings. Drawing on the deep educational and research backgrounds of the principals, Nicole Culos-Reed and Lauren Capozzi, we teach clients how to be more effective health leaders so they are better able to manage their health challenges, can affect positive health behaviour change in others, and are able to thrive.