So, What is this “Health Behaviour Change” Anyway?

Nov 26, 2015

Health behaviour change.

If you follow any health or wellness websites, personalities or blogs, you’ve probably heard this term a lot. It’s used all the time…but really, what is it? What does it mean? That folks, is not so easy.

First, we can tell you want it is not. Health behaviour change is not “3-Quick Steps”, or any other number of steps for that matter. It’s also not “mind over matter”. And surprisingly, it’s often not completely under your control – despite what many celebrities might want you to believe! It’s simply not a “quick fix”.

But it’s also not all doom and gloom. As health behaviour change researchers with 30+ years of knowledge and experience, we believe that the evidence around health behaviour change is quite consistent – and we can help you build the skills and strategies to effective engage in health behaviour change to improve you and your clients’ health outcomes.

So, what is health behaviour change? It is taking the steps to become more active, eat well, reduce stress and engage in those lifestyle activities that will enhance your health and wellness. It is complex, hard, requires specific skills and strategies, is dynamic and what you need at one time can change in other situations and during other times of your life.

And it is also rewarding  – so rewarding. Health behaviour change results in a fitter, stronger, healthier more peaceful you. Yes, it’s work…but when you engage in the right health behaviour change and see the positive impact, research shows you will feel better – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today! We know that you are all able to make positive health behaviour change, find your best health, and learn the strategies of adapting as challenges arise. Health behaviour change is not only doable, but is an important part of a healthier future. After all, we are all able to thrive.

Be Active and Be Well,

Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed and Lauren Capozzi